Author name: Mark McKowski

The loner

He sits at the bar, staring blankly into nothingness, his fingers > making mince meat of the beer mat as he waits anxiously for another > drink. The barman makes no effort at small talk as he pours him > another. With the glass now full and his bloodshot eye twitching, he > raises the …

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Sunday morning

Some asshole opened the curtains, foolishly letting the sunlight in to > slice the dark atmosphere. This caused a ripple of moans that spread > across the dank room until the culprit realised his mistake and > quickly closed the curtains tight. That brief beam of sunshine was > the unwelcome guest, bursting into the …

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Loser breaks

Some people were born to lose. It’s just the way it is. They never quite get those lucky breaks that other people get their entire lives. They only get loser breaks. At school they were the last to get picked for the football team. They got detention after class for getting caught doing what the …

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Horrible advice

Mark McKowski & Nick Power A dash of good. A dash of evil. That’s the balance. Right there. A tightrope. When it could fall either way at any moment. There is a balancing act. With everything. Music. Art. Film. Whatever. It’s all water from the same well. It just depends how you scoop it up. …

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