Failed journey

Taking a spin to west cork to pick up some records. The only question is which road do I go down.. the Wild West, or the mild east? I flip a coin. Heads for mild east. I ignore fates decision and take the Wild West. It’s a longer but better drive. I can stop off in bundoran, Sligo, Knock, Glaway, Ennis, Limerick… If I’m lucky I can make it to cork by next month. There will be many a hazard along the way. Many a pub. Many a session. Many a hangover. I must plan ahead for this. Pack wisely.

I got this. Hitting the road with an empty wallet but a pocketful of dreams. Will I make it to cork? Who cares what the destination is. It’s the journey that counts. The spin. I need a sidekick for this venture. A trusty ompadre. But I’ve already left by the time I realise this. I’m halfway to Lack. Maybe I should pick up a hitch hiker? But I don’t see any. Maybe I should stop off somewhere and ask a stranger if they fancy a spin.. No. don’t wanna come across as a weirdo. Not this early in the trip. Best make the trek alone. Besides. I’m used to the long lonely drive. I actually prefer it. Talk usually dries up after a while when others are on board. When alone I can ponder everything and sort out life’s tangles and untie the knots. At least in my head.

Before I know it I’m in ballyshambles. There’s a festival going on. Tempted to stop. But I must go on. But I don’t. I pull up and enter the first pub I see. Straight away I meet ten people I know. They are too far gone to hold any kind of normal conversation. They’ve been here for days. The only option is to play catch up and try to get on their level. This is done by sinking whatever glass is handed to you. And repeat. Keep doing this until you are a blabbering mess. Unfit to walk. Unfit for society. I pop my head out to look at my car. It’s clamped. Parked on a double yellow. Cork now seems like a distant dream. I’ve fallen at the very first hurdle. But no point dwelling on it. Nobody said this would be easy. Cork won’t happen today. But there’s always tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next. The only option is to realise you are screwed and embrace it.. dance into the fire.

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