Sunday morning

By Mark McKowski

Some asshole opened the curtains, foolishly letting the sunlight in to > slice the dark atmosphere. This caused a ripple of moans that spread > across the dank room until the culprit realised his mistake and > quickly closed the curtains tight. That brief beam of sunshine was > the unwelcome guest, bursting into the […]

It is but it isn’t

By Mark McKowski

Welcome back to the Boneyard for another tale of the half expected. Another hack piece, straight from brain to paper. Does anybody even read this? Am I wasting my time? What am I doing here? What does it all mean? Let’s try and find out. If you can bare with me and follow my thread […]


By Mark McKowski

HAIRY RECORDS / DIG VINYL (Liverpool) At the start of the 2000s, walking to Bold Street used to be a daily pilgrimage for me before band practice. Back then it was to go to Hairy Records, where you’d get into a lengthy conversation with the owner, and he’d recommend some band from the 60s you’d […]

The bone collector

By Mark McKowski

An interview i did with Record Collector Magazine..   Mark McCausland is a guitarist/writer who lives in Omagh. If he is known at all, it is for his work as one half of The Lost Brothers, who have released 6 albums to date. He was also the lead guitarist in The Basement, who were signed […]

Loser breaks

By Mark McKowski

Some people were born to lose. It’s just the way it is. They never quite get those lucky breaks that other people get their entire lives. They only get loser breaks. At school they were the last to get picked for the football team. They got detention after class for getting caught doing what the […]


By Mark McKowski

Obituary. The Basement, band. (1997-2007). Members: John Mullin (35), Mark McKowski, Declan McManus, Graham Hassle. Formed in the halls of st. Patricks High School, Omagh before moving on to the glamorous surroundings of Johnny lomax’s garage, they honed their “craft” to a semi-tolerable racket. Ambitions were high. Outlook however remained bleek. They moved to Liverpool, […]

midnight caller

By Mark McKowski

“Hello mister mark?” The voice at the end of the line was scratchy, but familiar. “This is your Arizona offices. We’ve been receiving some complaints that there’s been no complaints. Can you ruffle some feathers and start shaking things up a bit? It’s too boring. We need some action.” He was right, of course. He […]


By Mark McKowski

WORDS: Mark McKowski & Howe Gelb.     MARK WRITES: SCRANTON TIMES I have returned home to Scranton. But yet I haven’t returned. A large chunk of me is still out there on the road. Somewhere behind me. Aren’t there certain cultures who wait at the airport for a day after they fly so their […]


  1. Genuis of the Crowd McKowski 2:21
  2. The Crunch McKowski 3:45

Awkward but social

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