Month: December 2022

Inner Flame

WORDS: Howe Gelb.     <><><><><><><><> I was 19. Still impressionable. Living in Tucson. 1976. A good decade & age to allow the usefulness of psychedelics. It was also a time of great emptiness. It was more than possible to head out to the forest of giant saguaro ( which were only minutes away ) …

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Back at it

On the road again. I’ve shown up to the check in desk at the airport, bloodshot eyes and grey skin. The lady at the desk looks at me like I’m a beast from the gutter. Maybe she’s right. After I get my ticket I realise my fly is undone. I need sleep. And a drink. …

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The loner

He sits at the bar, staring blankly into nothingness, his fingers > making mince meat of the beer mat as he waits anxiously for another > drink. The barman makes no effort at small talk as he pours him > another. With the glass now full and his bloodshot eye twitching, he > raises the …

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Sunday morning

Some asshole opened the curtains, foolishly letting the sunlight in to > slice the dark atmosphere. This caused a ripple of moans that spread > across the dank room until the culprit realised his mistake and > quickly closed the curtains tight. That brief beam of sunshine was > the unwelcome guest, bursting into the …

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