Loser breaks

Some people were born to lose. It’s just the way it is. They never quite get those lucky breaks that other people get their entire lives. They only get loser breaks. At school they were the last to get picked for the football team. They got detention after class for getting caught doing what the other kids got away with. They were last in line at the tuck shop. The dog genuinely ate their homework. They leave school and get the crumby job that nobody else wants. They bet on horses but lose all the time while those around them keep winning. They fall off the barstool when they get too drunk. They miss the last bus and walk home in the rain. They support a football team that hasn’t won a game since 1976. They never get the girl they want. They may not ever marry. In order for someone to win, Someone else has to lose. And quite often it’s always the same person. Born under a bad sign. But after a while they get used to this role. The loser role. Eventually they may begin to like it. Even play into it a little. A rare breed, the losers. They are drawn to others who have been tarnished with the same misfortune they have. Other losers. So they become a crew. A gang. A bunch of losers is a force to be reckoned with. In a group they are strong. The winners become the losers, and vice versa. When a gang of losers are all losing at the same time, in a weird and twisted kind of way, they are actually winning. So look out winners. The loser squad is coming. Crawling out of the woodwork. Into your area. Into your town. They are gona lose all over the place. Leaving a trail of losing behind them. And the next time you win, look at the guy beside you. Did he just lose? Or did he really win?

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