It’s alive

By Mark McKowski

And now here we are. The world of the Boneyard is crossing over into reality. Merging into the same space and time as the rest of the world. It can’t be contained any longer. It’s bursting out of its cage, like a demented animal. What’s real? I am merely an observer, witnessing scenes that I […]

Kongo and Gonzalo

By Mark McKowski

Above the guitar shop on Eggy Road is where Jongo and Honza lived together for 10 years. Jongo was the Belgian gypsy who owned and worked in the guitar shop. Honza was the Czech giant who busked every day from morning until night on Bold Street. They first met many years ago in France at an all […]

Celticly Connected

By Mark McKowski

Ok. Bear with me on this one. I’m about to go deep. But theres a point in here… somewhere. This stuff has been circling in my mind for some time now.. I’m trying to figure out the formula, or the recipe. The ingredients are all there, stewing in the brain. I Just need to write […]


By Mark McKowski

Obituary. The Basement, band. (1997-2007). Members: John Mullin (35), Mark McKowski, Declan McManus, Graham Hassle. Formed in the halls of st. Patricks High School, Omagh before moving on to the glamorous surroundings of Johnny lomax’s garage, they honed their “craft” to a semi-tolerable racket. Ambitions were high. Outlook however remained bleek. They moved to Liverpool, […]

howes about now

By Howe Gelb

This weeks rag is written by our man in Tucson Arizona, and honorary native of Omagh, the one and only Mr Howe Gelb. Take it away Howe….. Time & space are a funny thing. If it’s not one, it’s the other. Next thing ya know ya wake up in Scranton getting a fist fulla Guinness […]

all you need is love

By Mark McKowski

Chris asked me what this weeks column would be about, as he was about to start his sketch. I wasn’t quite sure. Had my well run dry? Or was I just  being lazy? I had received an essay from Jolie holland a few nights prior, and wasn’t sure if it was intended for the boneyard […]


By Mark McKowski

WORDS: Mark McKowski & Howe Gelb.     MARK WRITES: SCRANTON TIMES I have returned home to Scranton. But yet I haven’t returned. A large chunk of me is still out there on the road. Somewhere behind me. Aren’t there certain cultures who wait at the airport for a day after they fly so their […]

A Kind of Interview with Howe Gelb

By Howe Gelb

Dear Interviewer. There’s no way I can answer the questions you put forward. And I mean no disrespect. It’s too late in the day and I’m too long in the tooth to attempt to clarify my existence of song or sell myself to those unaware. I can only tell you that I believe Ireland invented […]

A fragment of thought

By Mark McKowski

Life is a lot like jazz. 90% of the time you have no idea what’s going on. It’s best when you improvise. It can be a manic horse running wild and you just have to hold on to the reigns as long as you can and hope for the best. Dont try and control the […]

Some thoughts on McKowski, by Colin Broderick

By colin Broderick

Once upon a time it was customary to listen to a new album in its entirety in one sitting to fully appreciate the work as an artistic offering. An album wasn’t just one track, it was an experience. A journey. Over time something of the old way of doing things disappeared. Music is doled out […]

Awkward but social

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