A Kind of Interview with Howe Gelb

By Howe Gelb

Dear Interviewer. There’s no way I can answer the questions you put forward. And I mean no disrespect. It’s too late in the day and I’m too long in the tooth to attempt to clarify my existence of song or sell myself to those unaware. I can only tell you that I believe Ireland invented […]

It is but it isn’t

By Mark McKowski

Welcome back to the Boneyard for another tale of the half expected. Another hack piece, straight from brain to paper. Does anybody even read this? Am I wasting my time? What am I doing here? What does it all mean? Let’s try and find out. If you can bare with me and follow my thread […]


By Mark McKowski

Here we are again with another hack piece. Straight from brain to paper. Who knows where we’ll end up this time. Let’s begin with what’s sitting on the table in front of me and take it from there. Im currently sifting through a handful of blues 78s I got handed recently. Among them are some […]

the world according to Owen Colgan.. part 2

By owen colgan

And here we are, for the second week running. Owen Colgan has taken over Boneyard HQ and locked himself inside. It’s midnight. He taps away at the typewriter, a single bead of sweat dripping from his brow. His bloodshot eyes, twitching. His mouth, frothing. He pounds excitedly at the keys and laughs wildly under the […]

A note from John Parish

By Howe Gelb

MARK WRITES: Greetings from the treacherous road. Or to be more specific, Malin Head. I’m still processing the gig in Bangor the other night, which, in short, was a delight. Many a new alliances were formed. Good friends and evil companions. Which brings me to my next point. This weeks raggle sees a new member […]


By Mark McKowski

WORDS: Mark McKowski & Howe Gelb.     MARK WRITES: SCRANTON TIMES I have returned home to Scranton. But yet I haven’t returned. A large chunk of me is still out there on the road. Somewhere behind me. Aren’t there certain cultures who wait at the airport for a day after they fly so their […]

Straight from the brain

By Mark McKowski

My life gets weirder every day. But now the circus has ended. Or has it just begun. The last month has been crammed with too much action to digest. It’s gona take a long time for a lot of it to sink in. It’ll probably hit me in a year. A whirlwind of events. Each […]

Nick Power Interview

By Nick Power

Nick Power is a songwriter and keyboardist in Liverpool band, The Coral. He also has five books of poetry out. The last available copies known to man are currently on the shelves at Boneyard HQ. We spoke by fax machine recently, it’s his preferred method of communication. This is how it went. Nick: Herman, have […]

small town trap

By Mark McKowski

While on the road, I often find myself in small towns that resemble home. I could be in Germany, but I’ve somehow wound up in their version of omagh. In fact, sometimes it’s even more like omagh than omagh is. These traps are all over the world. You could be anywhere. Then you walk into […]

Failed journey

By Mark McKowski

Taking a spin to west cork to pick up some records. The only question is which road do I go down.. the Wild West, or the mild east? I flip a coin. Heads for mild east. I ignore fates decision and take the Wild West. It’s a longer but better drive. I can stop off […]

Awkward but social

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