all you need is love

Chris asked me what this weeks column would be about, as he was about to start his sketch. I wasn’t quite sure. Had my well run dry? Or was I just  being lazy? I had received an essay from Jolie holland a few nights prior, and wasn’t sure if it was intended for the boneyard column, or if she was just sharing it with me. Chris was hanging on the phone while I was still trying to figure it out in my head, and he broke the silence by saying, ‘’screw it im just gonna draw Gerry Love, so try mentioning him’’. gerry Love… the name rang a bell. I asked him to refresh my memory, and when he told me he was the dude from Teenage Fanclub, thats when I remembered that I play on a record with that guy. ‘’Sure,’’ I told him. ‘’I’ll mention him in the article.. I’ll weave him in, somehow.’’ I began to ponder how I would do this, and forgot again that I was still on the phone to Chris… or was I? He had hung up on me it seems, while I was drifting in a gerry love daydream. How long was I dreaming? Maybe five minutes? Or maybe my whole life.

That was last night. It’s now Wednesday morning. I’ve just woken up and I still haven’t written the article that I am now writing… you are currently reading my thoughts as I tap them down. And I still don’t know how to fit in Gerry Love. I try to recall how I ended up playing on a record with him at one time. But I get distracted as other thoughts enter my brain. Time to get up. Cut the grass. Paint the shed. Powerhose the decking. Drink some coffee. Anything to take my mind from what’s been bugging me of late. It’s daunting that I have accumulated a mountain of music over the past couple of years and nobody has heard it but me. What’ll I do with this mountain? Shovel it out in fragments? Or burn it to the ground?  Maybe it’s time to get out of this weird business. I’m halfway to 82. I don’t even want to think about any of it right now. So I just keep tapping away. Word by word. Spewing it out, straight from brain to paper. Trying to reach some sort of conclusion. Some kind of point to it all. And I still haven’t mentioned Gerry Love.

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