Straight from the brain

By Mark McKowski

My life gets weirder every day. But now the circus has ended. Or has it just begun. The last month has been crammed with too much action to digest. It’s gona take a long time for a lot of it to sink in. It’ll probably hit me in a year. A whirlwind of events. Each […]

Loser breaks

By Mark McKowski

Some people were born to lose. It’s just the way it is. They never quite get those lucky breaks that other people get their entire lives. They only get loser breaks. At school they were the last to get picked for the football team. They got detention after class for getting caught doing what the […]


By Mark McKowski

Here we are again with another hack piece. Straight from brain to paper. Who knows where we’ll end up this time. Let’s begin with what’s sitting on the table in front of me and take it from there. Im currently sifting through a handful of blues 78s I got handed recently. Among them are some […]

Some thoughts on McKowski, by Colin Broderick

By colin Broderick

Once upon a time it was customary to listen to a new album in its entirety in one sitting to fully appreciate the work as an artistic offering. An album wasn’t just one track, it was an experience. A journey. Over time something of the old way of doing things disappeared. Music is doled out […]

all you need is love

By Mark McKowski

Chris asked me what this weeks column would be about, as he was about to start his sketch. I wasn’t quite sure. Had my well run dry? Or was I just  being lazy? I had received an essay from Jolie holland a few nights prior, and wasn’t sure if it was intended for the boneyard […]

A Long Long Road

By Mark McKowski

It’s a long way to wherever it is I’m going. Time to hit the road. After it’s too early. Before it’s too late. The destination is anywhere but where I am right now. And tomorrow it will be somewhere else. Somewhere a little further down the road.. I don’t stay anywhere too long. Comfort is […]

midnight caller

By Mark McKowski

“Hello mister mark?” The voice at the end of the line was scratchy, but familiar. “This is your Arizona offices. We’ve been receiving some complaints that there’s been no complaints. Can you ruffle some feathers and start shaking things up a bit? It’s too boring. We need some action.” He was right, of course. He […]

Kongo and Gonzalo

By Mark McKowski

Above the guitar shop on Eggy Road is where Jongo and Honza lived together for 10 years. Jongo was the Belgian gypsy who owned and worked in the guitar shop. Honza was the Czech giant who busked every day from morning until night on Bold Street. They first met many years ago in France at an all […]


  1. Genuis of the Crowd McKowski 2:21
  2. The Crunch McKowski 3:45

Awkward but social

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