McKOWSKI – the alter ego of Mark McCausland, one half of the critically acclaimed Irish duo The Lost Brothers, and previously of the Deltasonic band The Basement – unleashes his solo album: “Notes From The Boneyard”.

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McKowski’s debut is a purely instrumental album of atmospheric folk and otherworldly soundscapes to capture the imagination and seep into the soul, with each track drawing the listener deeper and deeper into a fictional world known only as ‘The Boneyard’.

Utilising a unique blend of guitars, strings, analog synths, and electronic toys, Mckowski creates a haunting and evocative journey across its transient 35 minutes.

Recorded mostly by himself in his home studio, the album is also gifted with the talents of some old allies, with guest musicianship from the likes of Steve Wickham (viola), Howe Gelb (guitar), Laura Mcafadden (cello), Dave Murphy (pedal steel), with St Francis Hotel also adding further elements of atmosphere and production.

With one foot rooted in a dark woodland and the other foot stepping into unknown territory, the end result is a must-listen for fans of soundtracks, the surreal, or simply those searching for the unexpected. Like the wooden beauty of Angelo Badalementi’s ‘Straight Story’ mixed with the dark synth undertones such as Carpenter-esque Moog; it’s the ideal companion for those pensive days and long nocturnal hours.

Explaining his vision for the new album, McKowski says:

“For me the best stuff comes from that dance between good and evil, light and dark. It’s a balancing act. This album started off as a small candle burning, the only bit of light in a vast dark cave. I needed to balance out the dark with some light. The spark of music was the seed, and this record is the first branch of the tree that grew from the fire. In the process I accidentally soundtracked my surroundings in real-time and ended up with this creation. I’m not sure exactly how I would describe it, but if my past couple of years was a movie, this would be the soundtrack.’’

Dappled with light and shade, eeriness and hopefulness, the familiar and not-so; expect a cinematic masterclass in instrumental storytelling when you enter ‘Notes From The Boneyard’.

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