Author name: Mark McKowski


the gig was in Greenwich Village, New York, and we arrived early for > soundcheck. There was a great house band there to back all the acts > on the bill that night, and when we entered the building we heard > them already rehearsing. We looked out onto the stage area to see > …

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Obituary. The Basement, band. (1997-2007). Members: John Mullin (35), Mark McKowski, Declan McManus, Graham Hassle. Formed in the halls of st. Patricks High School, Omagh before moving on to the glamorous surroundings of Johnny lomax’s garage, they honed their “craft” to a semi-tolerable racket. Ambitions were high. Outlook however remained bleek. They moved to Liverpool, …



I stumbled into the cafe in Montreal to get away from the snow. It was up to my shins. I found a corner seat by the bar and ordered a coffee. Looking around my surroundings, I noticed a photo of leonard Cohen. I quizzed the waitress on its significance. She informed me that Lenny used …

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midnight caller

“Hello mister mark?” The voice at the end of the line was scratchy, but familiar. “This is your Arizona offices. We’ve been receiving some complaints that there’s been no complaints. Can you ruffle some feathers and start shaking things up a bit? It’s too boring. We need some action.” He was right, of course. He …

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