A day at the yard

By Mark McKowski

The sky was red for a long time. Then it was black. I couldn’t tell how long I’d been standing there looking up. Or if it was morning or night. I began to walk but I didn’t know which direction I was headed. I had no idea where, or who I was. I kept walking, […]


By Mark McKowski

HAIRY RECORDS / DIG VINYL (Liverpool) At the start of the 2000s, walking to Bold Street used to be a daily pilgrimage for me before band practice. Back then it was to go to Hairy Records, where you’d get into a lengthy conversation with the owner, and he’d recommend some band from the 60s you’d […]

A fragment of thought

By Mark McKowski

Life is a lot like jazz. 90% of the time you have no idea what’s going on. It’s best when you improvise. It can be a manic horse running wild and you just have to hold on to the reigns as long as you can and hope for the best. Dont try and control the […]

The witching hour

By Mark McKowski

The piano strikes a chord. It’s like someone just switched the light on. The still room has now come to life. Drinks spill and glasses smash. Nobody seems to mind. The piano guy is taking everyone along for the ride, whipping them into a frenzy. Yes. The piano guy knows what he is doing. Lunacy […]

Blind Blake’s grave, Milwaukee

By Mark McKowski

Dear Mark. Listen! Spent my entire shift, a little over six and a half hours, listening to the complete recordings of Blind Blake.  Listened to the last CD twice, which included his final recording session up in Grafton, Wisconsin.  Please make a pilgrimage to his gravesite, if you can manage it.  I understand how tight […]

Dreamers Guide To The Sacred Clock

By Mark McKowski

WORDS: McKowski, Gelb, & Brown. Another triple hitter at the Boneyard office this week as three authors continue to splutter straight from brain to paper, thus making up the triangle that connects Omagh, Tucson, & Iowa. I serve as the Merry Go Round Operators Handbook, Howe Gelb is the Spilled Milk, and Pieta Brown is […]

howes about now

By Howe Gelb

This weeks rag is written by our man in Tucson Arizona, and honorary native of Omagh, the one and only Mr Howe Gelb. Take it away Howe….. Time & space are a funny thing. If it’s not one, it’s the other. Next thing ya know ya wake up in Scranton getting a fist fulla Guinness […]


By Mark McKowski

a brief conversation i had while waiting for Chad and sitting on his neighbours porch.. good chats.


  1. Genuis of the Crowd McKowski 2:21
  2. The Crunch McKowski 3:45

Awkward but social

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